How much does Billy cost?

Billy is free for 15 days while you try it out. No credit card required. After that we charge a monthly fee - here’s some info about how much.

Can I try Billy for free?

Yes. We think it’s really important to get a feel for Billy before you pay for it. It’s quite a different way to price your effort so you need to get to grips with it. After your trial period we charge a monthly fee.

What’s the monthly cost?

We’ve just launched the project, and don’t know exactly how much we’ll be charging yet (this is different from charging a day rate, you know!) We would like to know how Billy compares to services you pay for in other parts of your business.

How will you price Billy?

We’re thinking one price, for an organisation, up to a sensible maximum. If you have a giant ‘enterprise’ requirement then email Ed at [email protected] with your thoughts.

But I just want to know how much Billy will cost!

We’re honestly not sure yet. The upper end may be £30 per month, per organisation. It might be considerably less. While we don’t think directly asking users what they’d be prepared to pay is the way to figure this out, we do welcome your feedback. Email us: [email protected] or [email protected]

Billy logo is an app that'll help you put these articles into practice for your business.

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15 days free (no card required), £5 a month

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